Affiliated breeders:

These breeders may use the banner of our association to promote that they are certified.







Ferretry Lelibel Hengelo 2006 none
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Legacy of Ferrets Neede (OV) 2006 none
  ---Indefinite pause---
Ferretry it Pompeblêd Scharnegoutum 2012 none
  ---Indefinite pause---
Ferretry Ainsley Panningen 2013 none
  ---Indefinite pause---
Ferretry a Winter's Tale Asten 2015 none
  ---Indefinite pause---
Make my day
Leeuwarden 2017 partly hybrids
  ---Indefinite pause---

Aspirant breeder

Ferretry Dayamund Hoevelaken 2015 none
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Want to become an affiliated breeder? Please have a look at our Dutch website or contact us.


Affiliated breeders of Dutch Ferret Breeders Association meet the following requirements.

* There can be made an exception if with good reasons (of so in breeders comments). Exceptions have to be approved by the association.

Dutch Ferret Breeders Association tries to check the requirements as best as possible. If you have any problems with a breeder concerning the above requirements, we would like to be informed.

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