"Dag van de Fret 4"

Vereniging Frettenfokkers Nederland cancels "Dag van de Fret 4".

Due to the recent health problems in ferrets, VFN has decided to cancel the annual event "Dag van de Fret 4", scheduled for 10 November. Despite stricter rules and all the hygiene measures that the organization can take, we do not want to take the risk.

Thanks to the donations and ferret veterinarian Hanneke Roest of the Frettenkliniek, we now have some clarity about the so-called 'Raw food disease', which causes a lot of (young) ferrets to suffer. In addition to all the research results, which can be found via the website: www.werkgroep-fret.nl/en, it is known that this disease is transmittable via stool and saliva. Therefore it is not justified to place many ferrets in the same room and take part in the show. Even if it is only for one day, we take all possible precautionary measures and the chance of contamination is small... There will always be visitors who do not take the risks serious enough or who will not follow certain rules, even when we do all we can to point them out. We believe that as an organization we give the wrong signal if we let the "Dag van de Fret" continue this year.

As an association, we are closely involved in the research and are aware of the most recent developments. As soon as it is safe to organize another Dag van de Fret, we will certainly do so.

We hope for your understanding and hope to meet each other again on the "Dag van de Fret" in the future.


Questions about the 'Raw food disease' can be asked via

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