Welcome to Vereniging Frettenfokkers Nederland (Dutch Ferret Breeders Association). This association pursues to support both ferret breeders and ferret lovers wishing to purchase a kit.

Ferret lovers:

The association guarantees as well as possible that older ferrets and kits are well cared for by our breeders. We also offer buyers thé starting point to choose a responsible ferret breeder in the Netherlands.

Affiliated ferret breeders:

We offer breeders a helping hand with breeding responsible and with the placement of ferret kits. Affiliated breeders may use the banner of the association to promote that they meet all requirements and are therefore a certified ferret breeder.

Have a look at our Facebook page for (Dutch) news and advice.

Dutch Ferret Breeders Association, translated Vereniging Frettenfokkers Nederland, is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KvK); number 55659292.

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